Myths about betting


Sportsbook betting is quite popular and exists in almost all countries including those that do not have the various types of sports game to wager on. Sportsbook betting basically involves placing a stake on the outcome of given matches in football, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, horse racing and any other game provided by the bookmarkers. There are several myths surrounding sports betting and while some of them might draw close concerns, they are simply nothing but myths. Here are some of the popular myths about sportsbook betting you will hear about from time to time:


  • There is insider information used by sportsbooks

This is one of the most popular myths where people tend to think the sportsbook knows some insider information that the public does not. The truth is that no book knows something you don’t. Sportsbooks never attempt to trick people into betting on one side or the other, else that would be called gambling. In fact, most books are designed for a 50/50 chance of winning and the odds given are based on factors that everyone knows. The dominant teams or opponents will almost always have a lower odd compared to the underdogs and this will never change. The book’s main goal is to mitigate loses as much as possible.


  • The public bet is deliberately wrong

When a bet is labeled as public, most people will claim it is the wrong bet aimed to trick you into losses. However, the book does not decide which bet is made public or not. It usually works itself out and it is always the favorite bet. But do favorites always win over underdogs? The correct answer is no. While a team can have all the edge (perfect squad, manager, atmosphere, playing at home, no injuries and a history to fortify their chances of winning), that is still no guarantee. Usually, it is the team that puts more action into the game that emerges the top.


  • Games are always fixed

Of course there have been cases of match fixing in the past and such scenarios are bound to happen infrequently in the future. Nonetheless, how many games can be fixed at a go? It takes more than one player to fix a match and the amount of money involved is not something the fixer can easily wager at any given time. What’s more, no professional player can fix a match and the penalties are often too gross for the whole team and people involved. Some matches can be fixed, especially college tournaments, but these cases are very rare since it is an illegal practice in the sports world.


  • Injuries can help you win

Injuries can reduce a team’s potential to play their best especially if it involves key players such as quarterbacks (in football), strikers (in soccer), pitchers (in baseball) and point guards (in basketball. However, many just assume they are the only ones who know about the injury. Sportsbooks also note such developments and keenly evaluate their impact on the match when assigning odds. Injuries therefore never give you any edge when betting. The only time you can get an advantage is if the injury happens after you had made your wager. Consequently, everyone who bets after that injury will find the betting lines adjusted.



There are many other myths about sportsbook betting including the “due” factor of betting on ended loosing or winning streaks, and people thinking the system automatically balances odds. At no point will a favorite team with 10 times lower odd at initial listing rise to have better odds than the underdogs. Most of these are myths that arise following a loss.