Gambling dictionary

Action – Slot action refers to all of the slot machine playing time accumulated by a slots gambler. This information is generally kept track of on the players slots club card offered by most casinos.

Advantage Player: A casino player who is able to legally gain some kind of advantage over the house. The term is typically used for players who can successfully count cards in blackjack, but can also apply to craps players who use dice control or players who know how to gain maximum value from bonuses and comps.

Ante: An initial bet required (usually in card games) before a hand can start.

Banker: A position that is responsible for taking lost bets and paying out winnings. This position is typically held by the dealer.

Bankroll: A fixed sum of money used specifically for the purposes of gambling.

Bet: An amount of money put at risk for the chance of winning.

Betting Limits: The minimum and maximum stakes allowed at a gaming table.

Bonus: Extra funds that an online casino account may add to a player’s account as an incentive for signing up and depositing, or as a reward for wagering a certain amount on games.

Cashback – Cashback in slots is a reference to rewards or comps given to slots club card players.

Cash Bonus: A specific type of online casino bonus. A cash bonus is one that can be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met.

Cash Out: To have funds from your online account sent back to you via the payment option of your choice.

Cashier’s Desk: The area of a casino where players can exchange their chips for cash.

Chip Tray: Usually found in front of a dealer at a gaming table, this holds the chip inventory for that table.

Chips: Typically plastic discs, these are tokens used to represent real money at the gaming tables.

Coin In / Coin Out – Coin in and coin out refer to the number of credits or units both played and paid out. Coin in are the number of units played and coin out are the number of units won.

Coins – Coins for slots come in many denominations from a penny to five dollars or more.

Coin Size – There are some slot machines that allow the player to vary the amount of money they want to wager in increments of. These machines can be penny slots all the way up to five dollar slots.

Credits – Credits are what the coins are converted to once they are in the machine. For example, on a nickel slot machine, when a dollar is inserted into the machine, the player will then have twenty credits on that machine.

Croupier: A casino employee in charge of running a gaming table. Also referred to as a dealer.

Dealer: A casino employee in charge of running a gaming table. Also referred to as a croupier.

Deposit: Sending funds to your online casino account using the payment method of your choice.

Deposit Bonus: A specific type of casino bonus. A deposit bonus is one that is given for making a deposit to your online casino account.

Deposit Method: The payment method used to deposit funds to your online casino account. Popular deposit methods include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer.

Expected Win Rate: The percentage of the total amount wagered at a game that you can expect to win back. For example, in a game with a 95% expected win rate you would expect to win roughly $95 for every $100 wagered in the long run (net losses would be $5).

Fixed Value Slots – Fixed value slots are slot machines where the betting amount and coin size cannot be altered. These slot machines are one denomination, one coin per spin.
Flash Casino: A type of online casino where you can play the games directly from your web browser.

Free Spin – Free spins are usually offered as a bonus feature on bonus slot machines.

Games Per Hour – On average, slots players can play about five hundred games per hour on a standard coin operated slot machine. Depending on the style of slot machine and the player, the games per hour can fluctuate.

Gross Winnings: The total amount returned from a winning bet, or a series of winning bets, including the initial stake(s).

High Roller: A player that places high stakes bets.

Hold Percentage – Hold percentage is a term referring to how much of a players money the casino keeps. As an example, a 99% slot machine keeps one dollar while returning ninety-nine dollars back to the player.

Hot Slots – Hot slots is a reference to slot machines that are loose or payout more often that other slots.

House: An alternative term for the casino.

House Rules: Games rules that are specific to a particular casino.

Instant Casino: A type of online casino where you can play the games directly from your web browser. Also known as a flash casino.

Jackpot: A particularly large prize, usually associated with slot games.

Line Bet – A line bet refers to the activated paylines on multiple payline slot machines. Usually max bets must be played to activate all the paylines on these kinds of slot machines.

Live Dealer Games: Online casino games where players can play against real dealers using real gaming tables via real time video feeds.

Lobby: The area of an online casino where you can choose which games you are going to play.

Loyalty Program: A method for online casinos to reward their players based on their playing activity.

Maximum Bet:The high est amount a player can stake on any one bet.

Minimum Bet: The lowest amount a player can stake on any one bet.

Multiplier – Multiplier refers to a bonus slot machine feature where payouts can be multiplied up to ten times on a bonus win.

Multi-Player Game: Any game where more than one player can take part at the same time.

Net Winnings: The profit made by a player from a winning bet, or a series of winning bets.

Odds: See True Odds and Payout Odds.

Optimal Strategy: In certain games there is a “correct” way to play which will give players the best chance of winning (or rather minimize their chances of losing). This is way of playing is known as optimal strategy.

Payout: The amount returned to a player after a winning bet.

Payout Percentage: The total amount returned to players in the long run, expressed as a percentage of money staked. A game with a payout percentage of 98%, for example, will return an average of $98 for every $100 wagered.

Payline – The payline is the line at which winning combinations on the slot machine reels must land in order to win the payout amount.

Payout Table: Displays the amount that can be won for the various winning combinations on a slot game, or for winning hands at video poker, or any winning bets at a table game.

Play Bonus: A specific type of online casino bonus. A play bonus is for wagering purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.

Progression Betting: A betting style. Positive progression involves increasing stakes after a win and negative progression involves increasing stakes after a loss.

Progressive Jackpot: A type of jackpot that grows over time until it is won.

Progressive Slot Machines – Progressive slots have a jackpot that continues to grow until it is won.

Reels – The reels are the disks that spin inside the slot machine window with the symbols on them. By matching the appropriate symbols, slots players can win money.

Reload Bonus: A specific type of online casino bonus. A reload bonus is offered to existing players in return for making a deposit to their account.

Rewards Scheme: A method for online casinos to reward their players based on their playing activity.

Shoe: A box of some kind used to hold and dispense cards at gaming tables.

Short Win – A short win is when a player hits a large jackpot with very little playing.

Shuffle: The act of randomly mixing up a deck of cards so their order is uncertain.

Sign Up Bonus: A specific type of online casino bonus. A sign up bonus is offered to new players when they first join.

Slot Club – Slots clubs are member programs that casinos offer to slot players where prizes and rewards are offered in exchange for playing the slots. The more you play, the more comps you receive.

Slot Host – The slot host is an employee at the casino who is there to assist in serving customers as well as handling slots club member issues.

Slot Schedule – The slot schedule or pay table is the winning payout combinations and their payout amounts posted usually on the front of the slot machine.

Slot Tournament – A slot tournament is a tournament where slots players play for a specific prize at a pool of slots.

Slot Type – Slot type refers to the slot machine either being basic slots, progressive slots or bonus slots.

Slots Drop – Slots drop refers to the amount of money played through a slot machine.

Slots Hold – Slots hold refers to the amount of money that a slot machine does not pay back as wins.

Spin – The spin button or pulling the lever on the side of the slot machine activates the spinning of the reels to determine if you won or not.

Stake: The size of a bet.

Sticky Bonus: See Play Bonus.

Table Hold: The total profit made by a gaming table over a specified period of time.

Tight Slots – Tight slot machines can be expected to payout less frequently than loose slot machines.
Toke: A slang term for a tip given to a dealer.

Total Bet – The total bet is the number of credits played on a machine at one time.

True Odds: The actual odds of a bet winning based on probability. The true odds are usually higher than the payout odds, which is how the casinos gain their edge. For example, in European roulette the payout odds for a bet on a single number are 35:1. The true odds of winning such a bet are 36:1.

Up / Down Slot Cycle – The payout percent of a slot machine fluctuates at any given time because the average payout percent is calculated over a long period of time. The up / down slot cycle refers to the fluctuations that occur during that period of time.

Video Slots – Video slots are slot machines that do not have physical reels inside but are rather a computer screen ran by a computer program. Most of the slot machines today are video slots.

VIP Program: A method for online casinos to reward their players based on their playing activity.

Wager: See Bet.

Wager Managemant – Wager management is a method of managing your slot playing bankroll. Breaking your gambling bankroll into smaller amounts for a specified number of gambling sessions and cashing out while your ahead.

Wagering Requirements: Online casino bonuses usually come with wagering requirements, which dictate how much a player must wager on games before they can make a withdrawal of any winnings associated with a bonus.

Welcome Bonus: See Sign Up Bonus.

Withdrawal: Making a withdrawal from your online casino account means requesting funds are paid back to you via the payment method of your choice.